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started already! messing up the labels! yes, this year was going to be so different - no invisible writing (from permanent markers - ha!), no tattered bits of paper, clinging to the side of seedbox with wet sellotape,no cheap ideas - lolly sticks, barbecue skewers with cute flags glued on, tippex which has totally smeared on pots - yes, i have tried them all but this year, i was going to make a supreme effort at total organisation.
However, not even two weeks into seed season and they are bu**ered already. The peppers have become interchangeable with tomatoes, why did i have to try 6 types of lettuce (but at least they are same vegetable) and as for the numerous flowers.......hope i will recognise leaves or garden will be usual mish mash. still, all those little green lives are so thrilling.

Welcome to the magical mystery tour which are our gardening efforts  ;D  Just think how wonderful it will be when you recognise something you'd forgotten.  On of the great joys!

And, the greatest gift of all, you can eat it!   ;D ;) ;D

Mrs Ava:
I sympathise totally Campanula.  My poorest effort was cut up bits of yoghurt pots - far to shiny so the writing either smeared, or just rubbed clean away.  I start with good intentions, and when it is only one label per tray it isn't so bad, it is when you pot things on, to have to write 50 labels, all the same....there must be a better way!  I have tried grouping them and hoping, and this is fine, unless they are perennials or shrubs, which all loose there leaves...................I could go on.  :-/

We all 'preach' - but (mostly) we always fail. And tell me about a 'permanent ink'? = Tim

My own system rarely lets me down. I use 9 contrasting colours of Humbrol model paints. A dab of the brush on each pot or tray lasts for years, and using two different blobs on each pot gives 72 different code permutations. Simply use one colour code for each variety and keep a chart - with copy filed on the computer for safety.


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