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Mrs Ava:
They are up!  My toms that is.  Sowed them 10 days ago, and finally today I noticed a few poking through.  Fabaroonee!  I just keep getting happier and happier.  ;D


I wasn't going to sow mine yet as i thought it'd be too early. But maybe i will!

EJ- are these tomatoes for outdoors? Thought it was too early.

I sowed my tomato seeds on Friday I keep checking the propogator but none are up yet...

Ten x

Mrs Ava:
Well, some of my tom seed packets say sow in Feb, and I have done that most years, in fact, I normally sow them in January.  I am only really doing what my gramps has always done and I always end up with more toms than I know what to do with.  :o


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