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Mud sheds?


I guess this is a bit flippant, but has anyone ever considered making their own shed out of mud?

Some information on how this could be done is at


Anna,  how long would they last in all this rain.  Think that mine would be washed into the Menai Straites. :D

Oh a Cob wall,
Watched a barn been restored on tv they were doing the Cob wall, straw and mud very interesting.
If you did it on lottie you would end up with a pool could grow fish insteed oh trout mummmmmmmmm.

I'd love to have a go at this (it's wattle n daub by another name isnt it?) but I reckon the vandals would have it down in minutes...

Maybe could try a small version.  Any excuse to get all dirty  ;D  Mud is almost as good as fire  :D

Great site Anna, cheers for the post...


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