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Nettle Soup


You probably already know this one, but as no one has mentioned yet...

As a general pest deterant, and good liquid feed at the same time:

Fill a bucket half full with nettle tops, then fill bucket full with water.

Add 3 crushed cloves of garlic, stir and cover.

Keep for 3 days, stirring once a day.

Than strain off liquid into watering can, then spray liberally on plants.

Really seemed to work on my lottie re blackfly etc, but then I'm not surprised as this soup stinks to high heaven after 3 days fermenting!

Ah, v useful and great for me as I have more nettles than you can shake a large branch at...

Ta muchly x

How about nettle tea believe good for joint problems and certian butterflies use them to lay eggs on them.
When we find something is a weed then we find we have to keep it for something else. Gardening fun or funny.


Read your nettle soup with interest- as I made some last year but it STUNK ( is that a real word??) so I threw it away thinking I had left it for too long... OOPS!

Never mind, will know better next time, shall be making some more as we seem to have lots in our garden.

Did I read somewhere that nettles are a sign of fertile soil ??


Yes, Debs,

Lovely fertile soil.  Yes, it stinks to high heaven but used to use it a lot on the garden.  Had lovely veggies!  And that was my very first attempt too!  Envy of all my friends  :)



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