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Don't know if any of you have tried this.  I grow quite a few hostas in large pots.  To stop the slugs and snails getting to them I don't spend £££'s on preventative copper strips I just put a layer of vaseline around the top rims of the pots. Slugs & snails hate moving over slimey surfaces.  I am pleased to say I never have any 'lace curtain' hostas :)

Did exactly the same with mine in pots.  Interestingly, they also thrived in the bog garden adjacent to my pond!  Was very surprised!  Vaseline is a very good deterrant for pots!  I remember being dragged ( as a youngster-20 or so!) around nurseries by Ma, in the big quest for hostas.  Vowed never to garden!  Come 40, got the but and all down to hostas!  They are so versatile, I love them, even if their pretties are a little insignificant!


Never thought of that Patricia S - brilliant bit of info - tried everything before (lurv hostas v much) and always had them scoffed.  

Will get some for lottie now I can protect them, loverly hostas, loverly.

Am happy now... ;D Ta muchly.

Hope it works as good for you as it does for me MM :D

The Gardener's World allotment program had a chap on, who used hostas as "slug barometers" - planted them round the edge of his allotment and when they got nibbled he went on an anti-slug warpath to protect his veggies! Great idea!

Ten x


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