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Read one of Tenuse postings about a book called "How to Store your garden Produce" which was on the recipe page.  I ordered the book at the end of last week from our Amazon Sponsor and it came today.  

What a useful little book.  Very good for the first time lottie holder about how to make the best of your produce.  It is just a small book by Piers Warren but I think it will be useful, for hopefully the glut of produce I hope to get this year.  Experienced Lottie holders will probably know all the info. but for us inexperienced lot its seems very handy.   :)  busy_lizzie    

It is going to be my Bible busy_lizzie, I just need a gigantic freezer now!

Ten x

Bottling is prettier and tastier! = Tim

PS Later - of course, forgot that advice on bottling vegetables has changed since we used to use it as our favoured method. I'm checking with GH tomorrow.

OK - checked and all's fine - continue pressure bottling - so long as you have a 15lb setting = 250deg. = Tim

Can I just ask, do you need special bottles or will just old jars do.  The ones that I mean are the vacum jars that beetroot etc come in.  Have not got any produce to go in them yet but hopefully in the summer I will have :)


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