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skanking from your local council

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Garden Manager:
Lucky old you!

Our cheapskate council would make us pay for the stuff, AND  make you pick it up ourselves (OUR petrol, wearand tear on OUR cars). They even charge for the by product of OUR garden waste taken to the tip in OUR cars etc etc.. Need I go on.

I could tell pentyof tales about our local authorities, but now is not the time, here is not the place.

No Richard... now is not the time and here is not the place... remember that some of us might work for local authorities!!!!

Richard_F - the wording of your post "our council would..." - have you asked them?  I keep finding out things I can get from our council because I keep asking - getting individual's names and being very nice and charming.  To be fair, I don't expect the council to pay their diesel etc. to deliver something I want that they have (if you follow me!).  Our council are as batty as many I'm sure, but councils are made up of individual people most of whom I've found to be very helpful and friendly - if I am!  I ask nicely and explain what I want and why - and keep asking nicely(!).  You could always find a green-thinking councillor and give them some good ideas to help all gardeners/lotty holders

Mrs Ava:
I agree, sometimes you can be really lucky and just get on the phone to that person who is happy to help - and that isn't  just  local councils but most organisations.

I have always lived by the adage (if that is what I mean)...if you don't ask, you don't get.  It doesn't hurt anyone to ask around, you may be surprised with what comes up.   :)

Garden Manager:
NO to be honest I havent asked directly, just know how they operate and assumed it would be the same for garden waste etc. I DO  know about the compost they produce from garden waste, they bag it up and sell it , and not cheaply either and you have to collect it yourself.  Same with anything from the local tip, in most cases they charge to take things away.

Sorry to those who work for local authorites, i have a 'thing' about them at the moment, what with soaring council tax bills etc.


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