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skanking from your local council

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Good for you Ceri!  As you know I am from N Tyneside too. I live in what was once a tree-lined Street, but quite a lot have been knocked down, unfortunately, because of disease and disruption of drains etc., and the Council always leave the area piled high with bark chippings. With their permission we have been taking our wheelbarrow out and picking up chippings for our pathways at the allotment.  It is useful to know about the tip of chippings though as I am sure we would like to have more some time in the future. Thanks,  :D busy_lizzie

As soon as I have the go ahead (the right man is never at his desk - presumably always out chipping wood!) I'll let you know how to go about this - I will be needing loads in a month or so, so I'll probably try and use the big wagon, so I'm sure we can drop some off in the N Tyneside area if you need - same goes to legless et al


Your a Star Ceri,  Thanks!   :)  busy_lizzie


That would be brill !!  ;D  ;D  ;D

I'm at the same lottie as legless.

Thanks again,



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