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Do you ever have a really long Internet Address (URL) to pass on to someone? Reading out a long address over the phone is obviously difficult, and even when emailing a long URL, their email programme can often split in onto several lines and they have to try and piece it back together.

a good solution is to use

Copy the address, paste it into a box on that website and it gives you a nice URL which will redirect someone to that website. The shortcut URL is kept forever and it's totally free!

As an example, if I wanted to show you an aerial photo of my allotment on a map, I would have to quote:

(it's the rectangle, just left of centre, with the dark area of trees to the right!)

If I put this URL in tinyurl, it gives me:

which is a bit easier!

Anyone care to post their aerial photos? Just go to ,enter street name or postcode and click on View Aerial Photo when it shows you the streetmap.

Thanks Ross - looks great fun - just off to see if I can find my site!  AC

Ross is right great site if I have to go somewhere and dont know the route I just key it in to the site.
gives written directions as well as visual one.


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