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Nettle Rash


I have two dogs. both she's and both standard long haired dachshunds. Missy is nearly 5 and Poppy is almost 12 weeks old.  While hubby was on phone yesterday pup got out and must have rolled in part of garden with emerging nettles.  By late last night she had a face like a pineapple and all the tender belly skin was on fire.  Poor little sausage was in such great distress.  Many thanx to chat roomers for their advice but ended up calling vet for advice.  After speaking to vet, hubby was just going to go to Bangor to pick up some antihistamine when I remembered neice(who has hay fever) left some here and so we gave her 1/2 a tablet.  This helped very quickley.  Her face and muzzle have swollen up lumpy and belly on fire again this am so other 1/2 of tablet just gone down.
Just a warning to all.  Who would have thought that the old nettle would cause so much distress.

Poor little Poppy - hope she is ok now.  I give my Bobbie a Piriton tablet every day as he seems to be prone to allergies.  Vet said it was ok even though they are for humans, but I would be careful as Poppy is so young, may not be good for her at the moment.  Another thing for soothing the skin I have found is Aloe Vera products which can be used on animals as well as humans.

Vet said ok to only give her 1/2 tablet every 12 hours and is helping lots.  Hopefully it should settle down soon.  Like the idea of aloe as  prefer to us natural remedies if I can. Do you use a gel or tablets Patricia?

I use Aloe Vera Gelly - a green gelly in a tube.  It is not cheap but very effective and soothing for skin problems.  Very good for burns also.


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