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Ragged Robin:
Well here are my two specimens.......

Tabby is the tabby one (I didn't name them), and the black and white one is Monkey. They're siblings and about 14 yrs old.
Monkey has diabetes and needs x2 daily insulin injections, also has renal failure for which he has a daily tablet and special diet; we have often thought him not long for the world but he soldiers on. Both still play with toys ; are very vocal and very much people cats.
Monkey is batting a toy mouse around the kitchen as I type this ....... typical male doesn't know when to grow-up!!! ;D

Garden Manager:
I can beat you there RR.  My cat Sooty (see pics in the Gallery) is around 16 or 17 y.o.  Though acts like a cat half her age sometimes.

Sooty too has had kidney problems and has a touch of arthritis. But it doesnt stop her!  Bless her.

What lovely cats you all have, after my humphrey died I never had another cat he was so special.
Totaly usless had a mouse in the kitchen cupboard, emptied it and put him in to catch the mouse all he did was purr. So I bought a mouse trap.
The only bird he ever caught was a baby house martin which fell out of the nest and he brought it in the house for me.
Had no idea about hunting he and a border collie cross use to play chase round the garden and would take it in turns. The cat on his back legs arms outstreched and running neighbroughs would watch and laugh.
He use to love to dip his paw in the milk jug that was the only naughty thing he did.
If hubby told him off his eyes would grow so large like sausers and he would sit on the kitchen window ledge and meow but mime not a sound came out. Althrough he could meow in the house.
He was not a normal cat don't think I could find another like him.

That was my Humphrey

What lovely cats Robin and don't they look good for their age.  They beat my two by a couple of years (pics on the Gallery).  It's amazing how many people have the old tabby cat isn't it?  My Penny is very agile for her age she has always been the huntress unfortunately catching the odd bird but once I was amazed to see her catch a dragonfly in full flight.  They fly quite low to the ground and penny ran and ran and then took off and caught the dragonfly.  Such a shame as it was a beautiful turquoise blue which had minutes earlier been visiting my pond :'(  Oh well, that's nature for you.

Sooty is lovely  Richard and what an amazing age - you must be doing something right ::)

As a non-cat-lover - lovely reading. But 112?  Please, God, don't keep me that long!! = Tim

PS: I AM a cat admirer!


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