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OK - I'll come clean!

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I was brought up with dogs. But someone else's dogs. Like parents. No cleaning, feeding or vetting. Children are problem enough.

SO - I just have to tell you this. The two below are Sebatchka and Pickles, the short-haired Peke. The latter could do anything the bigger one could. 'Batch' was killed by the local train at 13. When I was 12. So we knew each other quite well. Don't want to go through that again.

Believe it or not - in those days, I used to take the two walking down Broad Street, in Birmingham, without a lead??
Your turn! = Tim

That's the second 'refresh' today!!

Sounds to me as if you are a big softy underneath that hard exterior Tim ;)  We could go on about the good old days couldn't we but the youngsters amongst us would probably shoot us down in flames :D

- and as you know, I can tell them what that is like!!! = Tim

To save space - I have to say, Richard, that I did not mean you lot. I meant for real - in the BofB! But thanks for the reassurance!!

Garden Manager:
No we wont tim, i am sure all us 'youngsters' would love to hear about 'pets gone by'  ;)  :D

Sorry Tim - no pun intended :)


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