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cat in the hat?

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What happens when you have:

1) nothing to do
2) a sharp knife
3) a large lime
4) a patient cat
5) too much tequila
6) and it's American football season?

THIS?  (scroll down!)

not a happy looking cat!!

Love the photograph!  ;D

Not a happy kitty - looks like he/she would like to do something with  the knife too!!!  :-/

Isn't it nice to be back chatting again?

Cheers Eileen.  :D

Tis great Eileen, I really missed everyone!

Doris what a brill photo.  Have bin wandering around aimless for days  no A4A.  What will I do with myself.  Suffered serious withdrawal symptems.  Nice to all be back.

Oh DP what a brill photo ;D

Really cheered me up after the past couple of days not being able to communicate.

Can't say the kitty looks very happy though ;)


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