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My Faithful Pal !!

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My tri-color Border Collie as a puppy!
.........we were inseparable for 8 years..........wandering through the woods every day, hail, rain, snow or shine!! What a joy! obedient, but absolutely terrified of sheep and horses!!  

Oh my!A real beaut.Di.

- inseperable? - ears? - superglue?? = Tim

What a lovely dog Di.  Do I take it that he/she has now passed on :(  Unusual for a Border Collie to be terrified of sheep.

Tim.......ears  ;D   ;D   a peculiar habit which she grew out of with maturity!! ( don't we all ???......well.......some of us do!! Ha!!   ;) )

Pat...Yes , sadly no longer with us.
Sheep ! very close to farm, garden backs on to fields, so probably the farmer yelling and wielding stick to round them up, that frightened her as a pup !!
She loved cows, squirrels, rabbits and hedgehogs!!  ;D    ........but growled at anyone with a walking stick! ( probably farmer thing again! )  


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