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Garden Manager:
Just out of interest. Cats, Dogs, or something else? :-/

Share your preferences with us.

Although I love my cats to bits Richard - I must admit to preferring the dogs as pets.  They are so much more part of the family as they come almost everywhere with us.  We never leave them to go on holiday.  The cats are more independent, althoug during the winter months they do tend to stay around us more.  They like their creature comforts :)

it has to be goldfish!!!  they don't need to be taken out for a walk and they don't leave hairs everywhere!   ;D

Mrs Ava: a family we have had dogs (old english sheepy, pomerainian, bijon frise), rabbits (15 at one time!), guinea pigs, hamsters, budgies, cockatils, african grey parrot (who still keeps mum company), tropical fish, marine fish, gold fish, koi carp and other pond fish and chinchillas which ended up living at Longleat Wildlife park as part of their chinchilla 'pack', but none of them were mine, all my sisters or my parents.  I love animals, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel I can provide them with what they need, the space and time they need.  I spend all of my space and time looking after hub and sprogs!  

oooo, and the one animal I really have no time for sorry all of you as you appear to all love them dearly.....but cats!  :-/

We have had rabbits, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, goldfish, gerbils, rats, a dog, stick insects and cats.  My favourites were Lottie the rat, she was gorgeous, and the two cats we have now  ;D


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