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Numb Bum !!

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HA !! bet that got your attention ;D ;D

Was deprived of going to the lottie on Sunday due to the weather suddenly turning into Winter.
So sat in greenhouse with the rugrats and sowed seeds ( plum tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, broccoli ) to make up for the blizzards of snow outside.

Very satisfying.. except me bums still numb from sitting on an upturned terracotta plantpot.

Debs ;)

Better than being a numb skull (American expression I think).

I`m from the North East, haven`t visited Whitley Bay in donkeys the Spanish City still there? :D

Sue, The Spanish City no longer exists unfortunately as the fairground was cleared and the site has recently had a school built on it - "Marine Park".   A lot of people think that it was a waste of a prime site,and something more recreational should  have been developed on it. It has turned Whitley Bay into more of a residential area and moved away from being a Resort now.

It does look a very good school though with lots of of good facilities for the children and it has a fantastic sea view!  However we do still have the "Dome" and the surrounding area which they hope to develop, but that is another story!  :) busy_lizzie

Oh rats!!  :'( :'(


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