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Hi Dan, great site mate ;D , question, how do i get things to other people on this site ??? i.e. plans photographs etc, i realise the problems it would cause listing e-mail addresses etc of the members >:( but can you help :D.


Hi Jethro.  All you need to do is use the Instant Message facility.  Find a posting by the person you wish to contact and click on the name. The registration details appear, and at the bottom of the page is a space for sending that person a message. You can then send private messages back and forth with all the email and other addresses you wish without any of it going public on the boards

Hi Hugh, sorry for the delay in replying just putting a new floor in the kitchen :) started monday and still on with it today Friday 24 didn't realise how much work was involved ??? me being a daft bricklayer and all. Thanks for the info, used it to good effect, at least i made someone happy ;D.

Thanks for the reassurance Dan!!!  


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