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Admin aka Dan:

Having popped over to the beeb board to see if the grass is greener, I saw a comment regarding privacy of email addresses.

I would like to say that I have absolutely no intention of ever selling, passing on, or releasing in any way email addresses from members of the board.

As a web user myself I fully understand peoples concerns, especially regarding spam.

Hope this sets some minds at ease.



Thank you Dan. I'm pleased that you saw that comment and have addressed it..  we'll certainly make sure that your answer will be posted over there....just as soon as they get their act together and give us a 'reply' button?

Cheers!  Lishka

Thanks AD thats nice to know

I don't get all this 'is this board as good as that board' stuff.  Am I missing something?  Isn't this the World Wide Web? Doesn't that give us the choice to go anywhere we want, when we want?  

Personally, I prefer this site because, apart from its obvious attributes like a responsive Administrator (long may it continue, Dan!) and 24/7 posting,  it attracts generally like minded allotment people, who are always ready to share a thought about anything loosely connected with our plots!

Gimmicks?!  :o I love 'em!   ::)

If I want to make a comment about Gardener's World - I'll go post on Aunties Board.  If I want to look something up about organic gardening I'll go to the HDRA website, if I want to talk allotments - I'll be here!

Cheers, Dan (if I may be informal?! :D)

I have a blocked senders list as long as the electoral role with spammers addresses on! So thank you for the reassurance. That's why I also like the email service on here and other sites I have visited. Also love the search facility - so thanks, Lish, for directing me here (sob sob....... I'd also like to thank......... :'()

Love, Palefire


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