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Today at 05:22:51 by lezelle | Views: 27 | Comments: 2

Hi ya, while watering the greenhouse I started thinning my beetroots growing in modules. It started me thinking, as I have some gaps, is it possible to replant the seedlings and will they take? So I thought I would ask has any one tried doing it and how successful were you? Happy gardening
Yesterday at 18:19:01 by nodig | Views: 64 | Comments: 6

So I have planted potatoes in clean soil which I barrowed in on top of a sheet of black plastic (covering some nasty deep rooted perennial weeds) - never done it this way before and can't find any mention of doing this on the internet.  Predictions please - doomed to failure or the best idea since sliced bread?
Yesterday at 10:26:44 by cambourne7
Views: 68 | Comments: 2

Hi All,

Well for once i feel that i am starting to get there with the garden, gardener needs to come and finish a few bits but then i am more or less done in the garden plant wise this year.

The greenhouse is steaming along and whilst i still need to work out an automatic watering solution thats going to be my winter project :) still having chilli germination issues, trying again now with fresh seed.

The planters are now finally in place and will be growing beans and peas up the backs of these soon (once i get some to germinate) :)

New planters on back of garage with my clare austin climbing rose in one and blackcurrant/gooseberry in the other are starting to do well :)

The pond is finally no longer green soup and whilst we need to get a little more equipment for that were happy that its looking better, although all the plants have had to be removed from the inside of the pond ! Due to the fish digging them up and causing a mess ! Once were happy that things are in place having handy man making a proper lid for the electrics with marine ply and a proper rest for the waterfall (its just ply at the moment and will not make it through another winter.

The vegi trugs are looking happier now i have topped them up with more soil as they have settled from the ton and a half put in last year.  Carrots finally germinating and onions started from seed doing well. Leeks will be ready to harvest in a month or so. Sadly my cabages all bolted so have left them to flower to keep the bees happy and yanked these out last week to let the soil rest up a little.  Have spent most of yesterday with the planting plan but head still not quite in the game so am sowing flowering stuff at the moment while i contemplate next plants. We have decided to move the fruit bushes out from the back of the trugs so have been moving these into the garden in various spots.

Currently have 2 starling nests in roof via 2 holes cant wait to get them out as the noise it annoying so once they have fledged i can get the holes filled up :) Robins nest in garden now appears to be empty though not sure if i should go near it our what there. Birds in garden this week include - pegion, rook, robins, goldfinch, great tit, blue tit, starlings, wren (jenny and the smaller ones).

Work has been very quite for the last 6 weeks and it will start ramping up again from next week so am taking avantage of the break to rest and then do a bit and repeating that while i can. Love contracting for that reason.

Yesterday at 06:17:45 by DrJohnH | Views: 171 | Comments: 11

Quick question- how much are you watering your plots? it's been remarkably dry here in the Peak District recently and we have been watering everyday. 

The plants are the usual vegetable suspects-cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and parsnip seedlings, broad beans, beetroot, lettuce, turnips, onions, garlic shallots etc. and some soft fruits.  Our soil is reasonably loamy with quite a bit of compost mixed in to the top few inches. 

Are we overdoing it?  What guides you in how much you water and how often?



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10th March 2009
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