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Yesterday at 04:58:47 by JanG
Views: 215 | Comments: 5

Looking back at old posts I see Big Gee originally offered seeds of the Aeron Purple Star he bred here on A4A. About six or seven years ago I think.

I asked for seeds this year and so growing them for the first time. Iím really impressed so far at their vigour and early pod set. IĎve got them by the side of Galaxy and Firestorm which are both varieties which are supposed to be crosses with French beans and so set pods early -  but APS is beating them both hands down.

Itís making me want to save seeds if I can. Would be interested to know if anyone has successfully bagged runner bean flowers to stop them crossing? Or any other methods?

Of course we havenít tasted them yet, but so far so very good!
July 01, 2020, 20:53:36 by daveyboi
Views: 183 | Comments: 5

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Hector

 :wav: :occasion13: :wav:

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Tiny Clanger
June 30, 2020, 13:33:09 by Tiny Clanger
Views: 312 | Comments: 4

I've just harvested our 3 elephant garlic plants, first time I've grown these. They've done quite well, did not get the rot and also produced a handful of small half inch or so bulblets. Is it worth planting these out now to grow on for cloves next time (or later)?  If so, would it be best to give them a quiet corner in the plot or pot them up? If in a pot, how many to a pot?  :blob7:
June 30, 2020, 11:49:36 by Paulines7
Views: 335 | Comments: 10

Hi friends.  It's ages since I have been on here but life has been very hectic for a few years now.  My husband John's prostate cancer went into his spine a few years back and he was given Cyber Knife treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea.  At the beginning of May, John had a PET scan which showed that the cancer was causing spinal cord compression and he had to go into our local hospital in Salisbury immediately for an MRI scan.  They then sent him to the Southampton General to have urgent radiotherapy.  John was in a lot of pain when he returned home and it was several weeks before the inflammation went down. The situation at the moment is that his pain is now under control and he is on a new medication from the Royal Marsden that could stop the cancer from progressing.   

John is unable to do much in the garden or house now so I have found myself inundated.  We have 1Ĺ acres here as well as an 18ft greenhouse so I am kept very busy.  We have made more raised beds this year but I have run out of compost to fill some of the new ones.  My mangetout and sugar snap peas are doing particularly well and some of my courgettes are almost 2 inches long.  We have benefited from the lock down as we haven't been able to go away in the caravan; John probably wouldn't have been well enough anyway.  I am still potting up tomato plants and have sown too many again.  The peppers are in grow bags and look the best they have ever been. 

I hope everyone is well on here.  One thing about having a garden or an allotment, there is always plenty to do!  There is always fulfilment when eating the produce or seeing colourful flower beds.  Unfortunately many of my flower beds are full of bindweed, nettles and grass as I have neglected them for about 5 years now.  I am hoping for good weather in July, August and September so I can get on top of everything. 


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