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Yesterday at 10:53:34 by ACE
Views: 58 | Comments: 1

Poinsettia has arrived. It has already sat in a cold draught all morning as It is a nice clean cold day and the windows are open to blow through and freshen the house. I'll give it a fortnight.
December 10, 2018, 12:32:48 by Beersmith | Views: 163 | Comments: 5

It's that time of year when people say "what would you like for Christmas?  And to be honest I have no idea.

But then I thought, perhaps a gardening book. Now a book on the basics would not be suitable as I've been at this lark for a good few years. So I thought perhaps a Charles Dowding book on the no dig system. Learn something new and maybe try it on part of my plot. But he has written several books so which title?

So I go on line and start to browse, and make use of the Amazon look inside feature to help me choose.  And there I make a discovery that causes me real dismay. Several books contain chapters on gardening and sowing  according to the phases of the moon.

This is a big disappointment to me. If there is one thing that really pushes my buttons it is pseudo science. I detest things like astrology, crystal healing, mysticism, homeopathy and all the other silly mumbo jumbo that is so common these days.

Now I wasn't expecting the no dig methods to have been scientifically tested and subjected to peer review but I was expecting practical sensible advice, and an absence of silly woo. Can others who own or have read his books comment on the overall tone of the books. I could grudgingly tolerate perhaps just one chapter, but more than that and I'll be taking it off the Christmas wish list.

Any thoughts?

December 09, 2018, 19:49:18 by nodig | Views: 242 | Comments: 13

Well another survey  :icon_cheers:  I now travel 6 miles to my allotment (having parted ways with two closer allotments) but now in a very happy place.  I'm guessing I travel the furthest on the forum, but who knows? So get your pens out folks and let us all know how far you travel to enjoy your allotment and how often. I'm going to guess at 1 mile average and 4 visits per week during the growing season.  Also let us all know if it is the nearest allotment to where you live.  Thanks.
December 08, 2018, 18:34:29 by ACE
Views: 195 | Comments: 9

Allotment party tonight, pub on the bus route, plate of grub for the American buffet and a nice new digging fork for the raffle (spare one I got in a sale). Apparently I must have had one to many last time we met as it seems I volunteered to be  the entertainment. There should be enough room for them to caper and do-si-do. Otherwise I shall be doing some recitations, let's hope they are not easily offended.


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