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Today at 20:02:37 by cambourne7
Views: 7 | Comments: 0

Hi All,

I need some huge help, i planted garlic and shallots before christmas and there romping away. Picked up another pack of garlic about 6 weeks ago as they were cheap and expecting quite a lot to fail but no i have a huge tray of garlic now.

Then both nets of onions again no failures unlike last year when the birds and weather conspired against me.

So i had been planting in rotation across my 4 raised beds but i have no more spaces for onion in the correct places. All the beds have had a top dressing of 1-2 inches of soil and onions planted last year have carrots in this for this year.

I dont think putting the excess onions into the greenhouse will work as the heat will make the bolt.

So the question for you, oh experts is should i abandon my crop rotation plan and just fit them in where i can for now ? Crops still to plant are salads, cabbages, beatroot and stir fry greens so maybe althernative rows??

Today at 13:02:28 by plotstoeat
Views: 26 | Comments: 3

My wife's pride and joy hydrangeas have been caught by frost. She is wondering wether to cut them right back. Any experts out there?
Today at 09:51:27 by plotstoeat
Views: 51 | Comments: 2

Just curious to know if any members in Scotland have success in growing Sweetcorn. I seem to have started mine here in Durham too early. Nearly ready for planting.
Yesterday at 16:16:47 by davholla | Views: 88 | Comments: 6

Has anyone else had some which came up dead?  I transplanted some gooseberries to the allotment, a tayberry and also bought another tayberry and some raspberries.  Half of the gooseberries, all the tayberries and most of the raspberries are dead.  I did look after them, they have really need watering until now with rain etc. 
The other gooseberries, a pink currant bush and apples are doing fine and no sawfly yet.
It is a bit disappointing to be  honest.


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