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Today at 08:59:11 by brownthumb2 | Views: 24 | Comments: 1

 I had several old partly used old  packets of of Peppers and Tomatoes  seeds some from 2011.  I planted the seeds of both two week ends ago  might even be three   the Tomatoes have germinated and have their true leaves where the peppers  are no where to be seen Are they slower to germinate or should I start again . Both are in a heated propagator
Today at 08:47:33 by bluecar | Views: 32 | Comments: 1

Hello all.

Does anyone know the difference between the make up of growbags and multipurpose compost?

Is there any reason why growbags seem preferred to mp compost for tomatoes?


George the Pigman
Yesterday at 21:27:19 by George the Pigman
Views: 36 | Comments: 1

My wife has a collection of outdoor bonsai plants and a resourceful friend has built a Japanese style bench to put them on with a rubber covering. I want to put gravel/grit in the bench partly for decoration and partly to increase the water retention/humidity. What size or type of gravel would anyone recommend?
Yesterday at 14:38:52 by DrJohnH | Views: 132 | Comments: 7

Apologies for the long post in advance...

So, I have been doing my research for the future allotment project. 

To start seeds in the (heated) Northern UK house on a large, bright, east facing wide stone windowsill indoors, I was looking at a Vitopod (ouch!) or the Garland big 3 electric propagator. 

However, on studying the excellent Gardener's Almanac planner:,

I noted that the germination temperatures (13-21 degrees C and mainly 13-16 degrees C) are no more than the temperatures we might see in the room at the windowsill.

We don't have curtains (rather, Roman Blinds which lie close to the windows) so there is no chance that at night the temperature around the trays would be less than those in the room as might happen if we had closed curtains outside the windowsill.

So I was thinking that a layer of polystyrene (stone windowsill remember) with a 40 x 100cm growbag tray on it containing 4 seed trays with inserts and plastic covers would do the job adequately.

Like this:

Containing these:

And maybe these (I have another question about numbers of cells, but I will get to that later):

Covered with these: (or maybe something with adjustable vents- is that advisable?).

Or, to finally get to the question am I missing something fundamental here? 

I'm as much a gadget man as the next guy (or gal) but...


Dr. John


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