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Yesterday at 19:20:31 by Borlotti
Views: 40 | Comments: 5

Not sure why this will not post.
Dulcie looking for food. Loves his new box.
Yesterday at 09:36:17 by cambourne7
Views: 93 | Comments: 3

Hi All,

I think i know the answer just looking for some sanity :)

I have been given 10 buckets from someone in the village these were used to transport non toxic bagged chemicals to a small business in the area. The Buckets are over 2 ft light and about 1.5ft wide. I am going to drill some holes in side and one in bottom (and put lid on bottom) and plant these up with potatoes. The question is how many tubers?

I am of a view 3 is plenty for smaller variaties like new potatoes and maybe one or two for the larger types like maris piper.

Have 2 other pots which are 3ft high and about the same width which i feel can maybe be better for larger baking type spud maybe 2 of 4 tubers again.

Am heading to potato day in feb with Harriet to pick out what we want to grow hence my question potatoes are 17p each and want to try a few variaties. Have underlined the ones we definatly want to get but also need some recomdendations. As am in a potato growing part of the world i can get Maris Piper, Picasso quite easily so after slightly more unusual things. *not intrested in blue potatoes through :)

First Early:
Arran Pilot, Casablanca, Colleen, Duke of York, Dunluce, Epicure, Foremost, Home Guard, Lady Cristl, Maris Bard, Orla, Pentland Javelin, Premiere, Red Duke of York, Rocket, Sharpes Express, Swift, Ulster Prince, Ulster Sceptre, Winston.
Second Early:

Anya, Bonnie, British Queen, Carlingford, Charlotte, Estima, Gemson, Innovator, Kestrel, Marfona, Maris Peer, Nadine, Nicola, Osprey, Saxon, Shetland Black, Vivaldi, Wilja, Yukon Gold.

Early Maincrop:

Ambo, Amour, Apache, Bambino, Blue Belle, Carolus, Desiree, Highland Burgundy Red, International Kidney, Isle of Jura, Jazzy, King Edward, Lady Balfour, Linda, Majestic, Manitou, Maris Piper, Markies, Maxine, Mayan Gold, Mayan Twilight, Mozart, Pentland Dell, Picasso, Pink Gypsy, Ratte, Record, Red Emmalie, Red King Edward, Robinta, Rooster, Salad Blue, Sarpo Blue Danube, Sarpo Kifli, Setanta, Stemster, Violetta.

Late Maincrop:

Arrran Victory, Cara, Golden Wonder, Kerr's Pink, Pink Fir Apple, Sarpo Axona, Sarpo Mira, Valor.

January 14, 2018, 10:44:14 by ACE
Views: 211 | Comments: 5

But you know how it is, pop into aldi for a packet of fat reduced meatballs and you also come out with gardening boots and cable ties. Now the boots were only £15 so how can you just walk by. The cable ties were £4 but like gaffer tape you will need some at one time or another and you won't have them to hand so in the basket they go. These are the best cable ties I have seen for a long time, some reusable and some made of Velcro. Just the thing when you need to hold something up, like bean canes etc then when everything is in place and fixed, undo them and use them again (if you can remember where you put them). But if you think you have trouble in lidls  Watch this clip.
January 12, 2018, 12:50:38 by mormor
Views: 490 | Comments: 24

Dear Allotment friends! Where can I buy organic seeds (online) in the UK? What companies, websites, information? Please help as I have tried here in Denmark and it cost a fortune and wasnít delivered to the door! 80 g. seed in a 185 g. packing!  Ridiculous!


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