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Today at 11:56:16 by cestrian
Views: 40 | Comments: 3

Another pH related post. Acidic this time...

I have just bought two blueberry bushes and didn't want to shell out on expensive ericaceous compost. I am making a raised bed to house these bushes. Is there any way to make an acidic, low pH bed for blueberrys, without using sulphuric acid?

I heard that composting pine needles and oak leaves ends up as pH neutral.
Today at 11:53:07 by cestrian
Views: 37 | Comments: 2

Hi all, not been on for a while, but glad to have come out of hibernation.

There is a skip at our local council tip with a sign saying free compost, that is full of a rich, dark crumbly compost. so armed with rubble buckets I made a big dent in it. One thing I noticed though is that it has a burnt smell to it and it is very dark, so I brought some in to work and checked the pH in the lab by mixing some with distilled water and it came out as pH 9.0 !!!!!

I think this compost comes from the recycle bins that we leave outside our houses twice a month and I suspect that the stuff that cant be composted, i.e, trees etc, is probably burnt and then mixed back in, so this compost probably has a high ash content and certainly a high pH.

Is this suitable to use for brassicas? This is the first time I've really considered pH, but 9.0 seems very high to me.
Yesterday at 18:46:39 by Stork | Views: 97 | Comments: 3

Hi all,

This is my first post since late 2012. I was living in Qatar then and showing off my Christmas tomatoes. I'm now in Buckinghamshire and spent this Bank Holiday weekend barrowing 8 tons of topsoil into my back garden. I surprised myself that I didn't entirely collapse under the workload but it's all in place now.

Once the garden has gone from building site to - well - garden, I am going to get an allotment on my local site. The only vacant plots are fully grassed over so that'll be another load of hard work. Maybe the lucky soul who inherited my pristine and award winning plot at Headstone Lane in Harrow can come over and give me a hand. I believe they have a moral duty!!

I have some courgettes and tomato seedlings shooting up in propagators that I will grow in my garden for this year. I think I'll prep my new allotment by digging, covering with manure and then black plastic and leave it to condition for a year. It'll be hard staying off it but worth it in the end.

Good luck to all for a great growing season. It's lovely to be back after 10 years in the desert.


Yesterday at 17:12:22 by caroline7758
Views: 48 | Comments: 1

Called in at Barnsdale on our way home from Suffolk today- happy memories of the A4A meet there a few years ago! The gardens were looking as lovely as ever and I just had to buy a fewplants.

Just a few pics attached.


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