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Yesterday at 15:35:52 by Peanuts
Views: 88 | Comments: 6

We came across this today, never seen it before around here (SW France, edge of Pyrenees).  Can anyone tell me what it might be? It was stunning and so eye-catching. The trumpet flowers must have been 6ins long at least.
Yesterday at 15:33:07 by Peanuts
Views: 43 | Comments: 1

I couldn't resist gathering  a few little sprigs of the different heathers  we found today growing just in one spot in the mountains.  So took me back to the heather bed we started in Herts, 20 years ago now, with at least 30 different bought heathers.  The bed was beautiful, and at the back we'd planted probably 200+ daffs and narcissi. The  new owner of the house dug the lot up immediately and turned it to grass.  A bit sad. 
August 30, 2016, 17:32:19 by caroline7758
Views: 105 | Comments: 2

Has anyone here ever washed a "Turtle" mat in their washing machine? Their website says they are machine washable but then warns about checking filters and checking weight limits for the machine,so I'm a bit scared to risk it!
August 30, 2016, 13:32:55 by BockingWill | Views: 175 | Comments: 6

We ave overnight lost our whole crop of Sweetcorn to what we believe is/are Badgers despite putting wire around the patch. They have totally trampled everything to bits and eaten all the cobs. They have then proceeded to dig whiles in the late carrot bed to defecate.

Not too sure what else we could have done to stop this as they are very determined animals and also very savvy as they waited until the cobs were virtually ripe.

So great sadness all round as for us the picking and eating of the cobs is one of the big highlights of the growing year.


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