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Today at 13:57:11 by goodlife
Views: 68 | Comments: 2

OHHHHHH....I need to channel off some(only some!) of my steam... :angry4:

We have couple of youngish girls living next door..and while the other one, main rent'ee has settled to live amongst us middle aged neighbours..well the whole street recidents are more of 'mature' is her lodger that is irritating the hell out of me.. :evil1:

The lodger girl is on her own during day...and while the 'cat' is away, she is using the opportunity play her (rubbish) music LOUD. While ago she opened her room window and put speakers on the opening>music on while hanging laundry out. I shouted her to turn her 'racket down...please'...which she probably didn't even hear for the noise..I certainly couldn't hear my OH on the other end of telephone 'line'.
Admittedly this time she really get to me....and I 'rigged up' my stereo ready for some challenge. My player might be old...but will still show how us 'oldies' can if we set our mind to it... :evil6: I purposely choosed from our large selection of music the most 'faddy daddy' song with message... :evil6: I opened my window...had song on pause, ready for delivering the 'message'..and it all went quiet... :BangHead: I don't usually result such childish 'games'...but was already chuckling for the reaction little bit 'good' old Engelbert would achieve......"pleeeeeeease release me let me goooooooooooo...." :evil6:
She finished hanging her laundry....SLAMMED the back door shut and turned the music down to more 'human level'...and now I'm left with my chance to 'educate' her..I'm not that 'evil' to disturb the rest of the neighbours with the lesson without good reason doing so....they would probably 'get it' before the 'shameless'.
There is dog muck all over their garden is their dog's toilet as it is not walked at all....their dustbins are full and partially open so they stink too...their bath's outpipe is not in position so all the disposed water run on the pipe and on to the yard...add to this the dog mess that is walked over, the house must be nice and clean :confused3:
Even our dog doesn't 'do it' in our garden...yesterday OH did wash our yard with Jeyes mask the 'aroma' from next door and maybe it would drop a hint...(big chance).
Last winter I dropped letter to them explaining that drilling 11pm is not 'very nice' as the noise carry during night so well that it sounds like they would be drilling in our room..and we like to sleep at that time...and OH is not very nice person when he is tired for having to wake up 5 am for work...they would not like to deal with him in that state of mind.. :evil6:
Why oh why is it so difficult for some to be bit more considerate for others.....

That's it...I feel better now... :icon_cheers: 
Today at 10:36:21 by TAB | Views: 110 | Comments: 4

Hi. I was wondering if any one could help. We have been told that we can not use are rotervaters or any machinery after a serten time in the week and at the weekend. As they say that there has been complaints. We have asked if we could see the letters with out the address on and the comity are saying they don't have to show us any thing. Is this true. Thank you
Yesterday at 23:14:56 by tricia
Views: 49 | Comments: 1

After Googling this pepper - which I bought for 69p (100g) at Lidl today - I found this:

It seems that Lidl has pipped M & S to the post - and for less than half the price!

It really is sweet, crunchy and delicious. I hope it will soon be available commercially - even if we won't be able to save our own seeds  :sad1:

Yesterday at 13:11:06 by Jayb
Views: 34 | Comments: 0

If anyone was planning on buying anything from T&M, free postage now until midnight Monday 21st April. Enter code  TNP139Z


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