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Garden Manager
Yesterday at 11:09:12 by Garden Manager
Views: 72 | Comments: 2

I have tried growing these from seed for the first time this year. but i am having problems with them. They germinated fine (a bit like cress really). I transplanted some of them into little pots and the rest into modules. I used clean pots/trays and fresh multipurpose compost with vermiculite added and they were given some bottom heat to get them established. This was nearly a month ago. within the first couple of weeks a few damped off but the rest seemed fine, they have grown slowly but healthily.

Recently though the problems have started. With the warm weather they have neded watering more frequently and several plantlets have been found colapsed after being watered directly. Overwatering perhaps, but the affected plants dont look too wet - just about right in fact yet they keeled over while their neighbours remain fine after being given similar amount of water. This has been going on for about a week now. Some have recovered but others keel over and slowly die. Strangely this has only happened with the plants in little pots (1.5 inch) the module growing ones seem fine. I have also tried bottom watering using capillary matting which seems to work better but i am still wary of 'killing with kindness', by giving them any water at all!!

Like most of my half hardy plants they are raised in my north facing double glazed conservatory, which is heated lightly overnight. Dont know if this is the right place for them or whether the green house would have been better laterly (although in recent days they probably would have fried in there).

Any help advice appreciated.
Yesterday at 08:31:37 by Jayb
Views: 78 | Comments: 4

Hope you have a lovely day  :icon_cheers:
April 23, 2015, 21:43:05 by johhnyco15
Views: 135 | Comments: 2

just received my 48 cottage garden perennials  and my 15 Lilly bulbs cost me postage  must say all arrived in good order Lilly's are in and the plants potted on well done t & m   :toothy10: :blob7:
April 23, 2015, 20:10:20 by caroline7758
Views: 233 | Comments: 9

Most of my rhubarb seems to be short and stumpy - not many long, thin stems. Anyone know what might cause this? The leaves look as big as ever!


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