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Today at 05:35:08 by Digeroo
Views: 38 | Comments: 2

Put in a load last year and 3/4 took.  At one stage they got overtaken but huge weeds and they still survived and they lacked water in the early spring since I thought them well dead and gave up on them. Later they were doing very well, but now the leaves have started turning yellow between the veins and now some of the leaf edges are turning brown.  Look like they are lacking something.

They have been well watered, though little chance here of overwatering except I may have leached out the minerals.  They have been fed with chicken manure and PFB.   The chicken manure in particular got the leaf production going.

Any suggestions would be welcome. 

Rather oddly I thought I posted this before but it seems to have disappeared.
Yesterday at 18:30:00 by CotswoldLass | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

Hello all,

Well I should be renamed Wiltshire Lass as that's where we are now but having been in Hampshire for a good few years and not changed I guess can stay the same.

For the first time in years have time to spend in the garden and am loving it. Hubby's retired (I haven't) but the new place garden has been a joy to work on.

Needless to say having to battle Ground Elder and Bindweed (again) but the hey ho what's new.

Look forward to catching up and feeling like a gardener again.

All best to all,

CL x
Yesterday at 17:03:22 by tim
Views: 83 | Comments: 4

Why are mine matt skinned rather than nicely glossy??

Yesterday at 12:59:14 by Peanuts
Views: 138 | Comments: 6

As with most years, some things do well, and some things do badly, never the same, thankfully.  I'm wondering how everyone has found this year so far?  Here in SW France it has been a hotter and drier summer.  In UK quite a bit of rain, cold and wind I think. 
Bad things for me, in no particular order:
shallots - tiny
parsnips - never really got them germinated (unusual for me) so gave up
mid/late potatoes - shooting in the ground, and eaten by mole crickets
Chard - half went to seed in the heat
Sweetcorn, only managed to get half germinated, didn't water them enough, and now they are ripening and being eaten (by mice?)
Broccoli, kale, sprouts - planted out too small, sowed again, replanted and now struggling with flea beetle.  not sure they will survive
Peppers - plants not much bigger than when I planted them out early June
Runner beans - didn't set in the hot weather, now producing but much shorter pods than usual

Good things
Trébons onions (local variety summer large onion) - fantastic crop, will keep us going for several months
early potatoes - best for a long time
beetroot - good size
lettuce - best ever, and managing to have a succession of beautiful hearted Batavia all summer
Beans, French and climbing various - all growing well, so a success, but not producing so much as not been watered enough
Courgettes - loving the hot weather, three plants now enormous, have more than 10 growing points, so very difficult to make sure I pick them all
raspberries and blackberries - best crops for years
apples - really heavy crop, but not big, even having thinned them out.


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