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Yesterday at 21:27:30 by winecap
Views: 65 | Comments: 1

I have grown corn this year with the multi-coloured kernels - I'm calling it rainbow corn as I forgot the exact name. Its only now that its ready that I realise the colour only develops once the corn is no longer fit to eat as sweetcorn. It doesn't taste that good, so now I'm wondering why anybody grows it. Am I supposed to let it mature and use it as a decoration? Am I missing something.  Any comment would be welcome.
Yesterday at 20:05:35 by Marlborough
Views: 46 | Comments: 1

I have decided to try to propagate the plantlets on my strawberry runners. I haven't tried this before, so forgive my ignorance but what do you do with the plants when they are rooted? Do you plant them in a bed or pots? Any thoughts  :wave:
Yesterday at 16:40:14 by chriscross1966
Views: 51 | Comments: 1

I've obtained a stupidly cheap greenhouse (see previous post)... but now am a bit stuck as the glazing system isn't the usual W and Z clip type... so if anyone out there knows how you glaze a Crittall steel-frame please let me know.... I've got enough glass to do the roof and about 1 1/2 of the long sides... the other long side (the north) I will probably fill in with a sheet of 8x4 OSB board painted white on the inside on the northern side and if I get a few bits of twinwall clear polycarbonate I should be able to clad it up simlarly to the 20x10 at home which seems to provide an excellent environment for plants... teh frame cam e with some glazing clips that I simply don't understand how to fit and it's obvious tha tit used putty to mount, so I'll get some exterior silicone and use that once I've cleaned the glass up.... but how do you retain the glass on the putty?.... there's evidence of some sort of tape a bit like thin flashband but without the tar.... then the clipse would make more sense as spacers..... but it's a rum un and no mistake....
Yesterday at 14:13:43 by strawberry1 | Views: 98 | Comments: 6

New cabbages this year as I was fed up of thick bitter leaves and these are stunningly nice but massive. I have given some away but am admitting defeat and uprooted the remainder for the hotbin, as soon as it makes room which will be next week. The variety is cabbice and it really is lovely but I was not expecting such hugeness, no good on my own.

I have cut my brassica beds down to 2/3 and will have to be even more strict with myself. one each of calabrese, brussels and sprouting broccoli this year and have eaten the huge calabrese. No good if the one variety matures at the same time. Maybe curly kale instead of cabbages, anyway kale is nice in a juice

Is it the weather? Rain, warm constantly high humidity


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