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Yesterday at 13:08:00 by ACE
Views: 172 | Comments: 5

Having got the new plot roughly dug over and getting impatient, I needed to plant something. Broad beans, I don't even like them much! but it is nice to see some sticks at the end of the rows to show something is waiting to pop up. I did come across some purple sprouting and spring cabbage at a garden centre 3.99 for 9 plants, yes your read it right 3.99. Who buys these things? I do but after they had been reduced to 50p. I know it ain't really the right time but they have two chances. Now I need to break up a few lumps and get a smooth tilth for the onions, shallots and garlic which are nagging me to be planted. Chatting to one of the other plotholders she kindly gave me a sweet dumpling squash which I shall save the seeds, it was roasted up last night to try and I quite like it. Also a crystal lemon cucumber, the jury is still out on that one as I am not sure it is something I would grow next year. I think I prefer those prickly nobbly ridge type ones.
October 19, 2014, 17:53:32 by Galette | Views: 177 | Comments: 5

A few days ago we received our annual delivery of cow-muck. Lovely stuff.  Today we started digging into it and barrowing it over to top dress the veggie beds to be overwintered then dug in during early spring.  Over here in Brittany, as in many parts of UK today (Sunday 19th October) it is extremely mild (23C), bright and sunny.

Shortly after starting to dig into the pile swarms of flying beetles started to invade the garden, straight over to the muck-heap and the beds.  I believe they are Aphodius contaminatus, dung beetles.  This has been going on all afternoon, and there must be literally millions.

It has been a bit unpleasant for us and the dogs, who had lots of them trapped in their coats.  Apart from that, I am thinking that the beetles have been attracted by the er, pong, and that they are probably feasting on the muck and possibly laying eggs in it.  I guess this may have happened in the past, but I have never noticed it, but it is particularly warm for the time of year and this may have had some effect on the activity of the beetles.  And I have never, ever seen so many flying beetles at one time, just amazing.  Of course, I am concerned that if the beetles are laying eggs, will the little wriggly things that hatch out at some stage be gobbling up my veggies????????

I am sure someone out there is a Dung Beetle Expert.  Any info would be gratefully received.

October 19, 2014, 17:14:09 by Galette | Views: 159 | Comments: 5

We have an infestation of Lords and Ladies in a shady area under a group of large, established fruit trees.  During the past six years we have have sprayed at least once a year with glyphosate and this spring we dug it all over, carefully removing every trace of plants and the corms.  Or so we thought.  In this mild autumn weather they are coming up again, as strong as ever.

Has anyone successfully eradicated this plant from their garden?  If so - please, please tell me how you did it!
October 19, 2014, 12:12:17 by GRACELAND
Views: 266 | Comments: 9

Hi all again
       Beetroot   what apart from that cold soup and Beetroot and cheese sandwich that i love by the way  ,What else can i do with them please ?

 I hear they can be roasted  but how and with what ???


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