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Today at 07:20:51 by galina | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

 Does anybody use Phaenology ..............

ie when this sign in nature ............. then that gardening job?

I use three data points for my timing of gardening jobs.  I learned that when the forsythia starts flowering it is time to sow peas (indoors for transplanting a month later).  And when the comfrey sprouts again, it is time to plant potatoes.  Which is useful because a few leaves of comfrey into the potato planting hole or trench is beneficial to give them a good start.  As soon as weeds start growing, I transplant early lettuce.

There must be many more of these useful phaenology indicators.  Does anybody else use the signs of nature to time gardening jobs?  The old-time advice of 'When May is out (hawthorn flowers), winter has lost its clout) is somewhat useful for planting frost tender plants like tomatoes or squash, but it is not failsafe by a long way here - fleece at the ready!    :wave:
George the Pigman
Yesterday at 22:26:23 by George the Pigman
Views: 34 | Comments: 2

Is everyone feeling the same as me that it's been a slow start to spring this year (I live in Birmingham)? I have only just today sown tomatoes, aubergines and peppers (for germinating indoors) as well as cabbage , lettuce and beetroot (for my cold greenhouse).
A soil thermometer I have in the garden hasn't got above 10C so far!!
Yesterday at 20:07:55 by Nora42
Views: 68 | Comments: 3

I was going to direct sow my brassicas but lets face it the soil on most of the plot is like moon boulders of London clay even after two years of adding organic matter. Happily most thing grow well once established.
With that in mind I have sown most of my brassicas today, cabbages and PSB, Brussels sprouts and khol rabi.

once they have germinated and instead of potting on into bigger pots I am thinking of plopping them into a seed bed to grow up a little before finally planting on - I may loose some to slugs and will have to protect them from the pigeons but I can't seem to find any info as to whether this is a good plan?
Not rocket science either so I'm thinking why not it will also save me having to phaff about with a lot of pots and worry about keeping them watered.

so what do you peeps think?
Yesterday at 20:04:22 by philistine | Views: 39 | Comments: 0

I have been building up my stock of elephant garlic cloves and now have about 200, unfortunately
this year I haven't got round to planting them and made not find the time. Could I store them in the freezer to plant later in September.


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